Who we are

Teifer is a company dedicated to national and international transport of chemical products (solid products, liquid products and liquefied gases) in tankers and tank containers, by road, rail and ship. It is a family business, whose expertise in the transport and handling of chemicals has positioned itself as a reference within the sector. Teifer has over 60 years' experience and has seen an injection of new life due to the incorporation of the third generation to the management team, which places the company in an excellent position to face the new challenges of growth and market expansion. Furthermore, Teifer counts with a professional team committed to the mission and goals of the company.

Our fleet

In order to develop our service optimally we have a specialized fleet of vehicles and tanks that are the guarantee of our success.

145 Iso-containers for chemical products
4 Container carriers
94 Tanks for chemical products
2 Wheel loaders
90 Tractors
72 Container platforms

Communication and Technology

Pioneers in the setting-up moment, Teifer incorporates in 2004 their first geolocation system and fleet management in order to provide all information about the services in a real time connection.

As well, a powerful computer system equipped with the latest software, developed to suit our needs, allows us to effectively manage processes and, especially, the transport of the goods of our customers with the highest quality assurance and security.



Polígono Industrial El Segre
Parcela 509
25191 Lleida

t: +34 973 20 30 009
f: +34 973 20 55 03


Polígono Industrial Sant Pere Molanta
C/ Sant Miquel d’Olèrdola, 8-14
08799 Sant Pere de Molanta (Olèrdola)
Barcelona – Spain

t: +34 93 818 14 96
f: +34 93 818 11 61

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