Road transport

With over 60 years experience in road transport, Teifer offers a competitive service of the highest quality in a market of vital importance as the chemical industry is. We have an attentive and personalized service, tailored to the needs of our customers; with quick and professional reply to their requests, meeting the deadlines, schedules and other requirements set by the client


We are experts in road tank transport of chemical products.

We have a wide range of tanks, which allows us to transport a variety of products in accordance with the needs and demands of our customers. We have to highlight the tanks intended for the transport of hydrofluoric acid, vinyl chloride monomer, acetaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, oleum, concentrated nitric acid (in URANUS steel), solvents, resins and also inner coated tanks with high chemical inertness elastomers, especially created for the transport of products which attack the stainless steel.

All our vehicles are regularly subjected to strict controls in order to ensure maximum quality, safety and environmental friendliness. We also have our own testing bench, which allows us at any time, to perform the verification and maintenance of the different equipment incorporated in the tanks.

How are our tanks

  • It can be monocompartment and multicompartment
  • Are equipped with compressor or pump for autonomous download
  • Ready to be loaded and unloaded without emission of gases into the atmosphere

Additional Services

  • Tanks with liter counter for the distribution of products in small quantities
  • Multicompartment tanks for the transport of more than one product at a time
  • Tanks as temporary stationary warehouse at our clients’ home

Teifer has special vehicles so that we can handle with own resources vital operations related to the transport of goods from customers. Thus, we have container handling machines and loaders among others, thanks to which we can guarantee service to our customers, offering integrated logistic solutions.

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